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Oragnix are launching a weaning campaign and have released The Little Book Of Weaning, which includes tips and experiences from four Mums.

I thought I'd join in by talking a little about Osian's weaning journey. We decided to go down the route of mashing everything up, but a month or so later realised how good he actually was with swallowing. Now at 11 months old most of his meals consist of foods he can feed himself, but he does have some meals where he gets fed with a spoon. With the wonderful gift of hindsight I think he would have been perfectly fine with some finger foods from the start, but I was terrified he'd choke and at the time I didn't know how good babies' gagging reflexes are.

When we thought Osian was ready to start having solids, we decided to start with plain veg. His first meal was whizzed up carrots. Osian seemed to really enjoy it and he ate quite a few spoonfuls, I was only expecting him to want one or two. If I remember correctly he had parsnip next, then a mix of them both. It wasn't long until we started offering him fruit too. He loved fruit, he still does love fruit but won't eat as wide a range as he did a few months ago. Osian's first fruit was either banana, apple or pear, which he really enjoyed, he was full of smiles the whole time. I bought some fruits that I had never had before, such as Mango and Papaya, they both were a big hit with Osian, he really liked them for months, but he won't touch either of them any more. I will continue to offer them to him in case he finds a taste for them again. He liked pretty much all the fruits and veg we offered him, his favourites seemed to be, courgette, carrots, parsnip, sweet potato, and he love things mixed with onions! 

We'd bought a few beakers when preparing to start weaning. Osian had never really drank from a bottle, so  I was wondering how he'd take to having a beaker. To start with he seemed a little confused, but it wasn't long until he loved having a drink of water.

His first little meal was at lunch time, and it carried on just being a lunch time until a week or so later, we then offered him breakfast too. He loved having some fruit for breakfast. After about a week he started having a little tea too. For a about a week he was having fruit for breakfast and veg for lunch and then another veg meal for tea. So four weeks after his first meal he was enjoying three meals a day. 

Then we started changing things a little bit. It would have been nearly a month into weaning I gave Osian his first finger food. I decided to give him to toast as it seemed like a good place to start. I just gave him plain toast to start off with, and he ate it happily for ages, until one day he stole a piece of my toast and decided he really liked butter. We also started giving him more interesting meals, by adding things like meat, eggs, cheese, etc. He loved chicken casserole, and I really liked how quick and simple it was too make. Osian also started having a little pudding after his main meal, usually either yoghurt or a biscuit.

As time went on we learnt about more and more foods Osian could feed himself, and mealtimes could get very messy...

Now at nearly a year old, Osian will happily feed himself many meals, but also has the odd few on a spoon which he is learning how to use himself. He has three meals a day as well as a snack in the afternoon. He has a beaker of water with his meals, and he sometimes drinks a lot during the day too.

I wouldn't go as far as saying I have regrets, but I do wish I had researched weaning a little more than I did. One things I'm very glad of is the recipe book I used. I have loved cooking his meals, and it's so much easier to cook than I had originally thought. I do really like the place we have gotten to now, and how often he feeds himself.

My weaning tips:
  • Trust your instincts and follow your baby.
  • Don't be scared to try finger foods, babies can swallow and chew a lot better than I originally thought!
  • Stay calm - foods fun!
  • Don't give your baby their first meal when you are in a rush, choose a time where you're in no rush and can take your time.
  • Babies can not want a certain food one day and love it the next, don't give up offering after the first refusal.
Tips from The Little Box of Weaning:

  • Sit and eat with your baby and let them share from your plate. Meal times are all about being sociable, sharing good food, talking about it and catching up. (This one has been one of my favourite parts of weaning)
  • Parents are often worried about choking during weaning (I was!), and you should always be close by when your baby is eating. But bear in mind that Mother Nature has designed the perfect safety mechanism by placing the gag reflex further forwards in babies’ mouths than in adults’ mouths. So, if their food slips towards the back of their mouths, they cough it up. Which they do frequently while learning to manage new textures. 
  • Don’t mask challenging tastes with easier ones. Instead let your baby enjoy the real taste of veggies without the sweetness of fruit, or they may find them difficult to accept later on. For example, don’t mix broccoli with apple puree.
  • It can take up to 14 attempts before a baby learns to like a new food, especially the more challenging ones, so don’t worry if your little one grimaces or refuses certain foods at first.
  • Babies often enjoy bitter or sour tastes such as lemon, kiwi, oranges, peppers and spinach.

There are plenty more tips in the book, I just added in the ones I found most interesting, or ones I wish I could have told myself 6 months ago.

Organix kindly sent me a box of goodies, which I was excited for because we love Organix. I will have a post up next week with our thoughts on the foods.

If you are interested in reading The Little Book of Weaning, simply click here.

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  1. I wish I had known before I had fully weaned Baby I would have love to read the book. The top tips are great advice though and I agree with all of them.