Friday, 31 October 2014

Sassy Bloom Box Review

We were recently kindly sent a box from Sassy Bloom. Sassy Bloom are a subscription box service, who create boxes for Mums to be in the third trimester of pregnancy, up until the baby's 2. The boxes are created around your baby's age. The story of how Sassy Bloom came about is actually quite a sad story, but it's one with a happy ending. 

As I've said previously on my blog, I love the idea of subscription boxes. It's like a little present getting delivered to your door each month, with the great element of surprise. There are SO many great baby products out there that you will be very unlikely to be able to try them all, so a great thing about subscription boxes is that you will most probably be introduced to products or even brands you have never had the opportunity to try, or maybe that you've never even heard.

Something I like particularly about Sassy Bloom is that they have a goal to raise £100,000 for numerous charities, and they are getting their customers involved to help.

The box came addressed to me but had (Osian) next to it, how lovely is that? Sassy Bloom's box design is simple yet lovely. The video below is my unboxing video, I have never done anything like this before so please excuse any mistakes.

For anyone who didn't catch the products on the video or can't/chose not to watch here's what was in our box.

1. First Steps Feeding Bowl and Plate - I LOVE the design on both of these, they're so cute! They are probably seen as a little girly but Osian seems to like them so I'm not fussed. I know for sure I haven't seen any on the shop shelves that I like as much as these. 

2. Safety 1st Socket Inserts - Although we have already baby proofed, I rarely leave the room without Osian, and before I used to hold him most of the time whilst I was doing whatever, but now he's getting way too heavy for that and I think it's nice for him to explore new rooms, so I think it's time to use these in other rooms rather than just the living room.

3, Jack N Jill Blueberry Toothpaste - A toothpaste with all natural ingredients. We are yet to use it, but I'm interested to see how Osian takes to the Blueberry taste. 

4. Bath Storage Bag - I'm surprised I hadn't bought something like this myself, Osian's bath toys just seem to keep building up so we are in need of somewhere to keep them all. I can imagine Osian wanting to play with the hippo rather than any of the toys inside!

5. The Quangle Wangle's Hat Book - I loved that there was a book in here. Osian really loves books, and it's always nice to have new stories to read to him. The Qangle Wangle's Hat is a beautifully illustrated colourful book, and is a lovely addition to the book shelf!

6. QuackQuackMoo Lap Bib - I had actually never heard of one of these before. It has a strap which can be connected by poppers, the strap goes around your child's back and the bib sits nicely on their knee. If used without the strap the bib can be used as a table mat, which I think will be very handy for when we are out and about, because Osian tends to feed himself from the high chair tray and I will know it's 100% clean if I use this mat which has been washed at home. I don't know if I'm a bit fussy but I love this idea.

As I said previously I loved the fact that all the brands are new to me, and that I've been introduced to some lovely products. Overall I'm very happy with the box and all of the items will come to good use.

If you are interested in purchasing your own box, I have a code which will give you £10 discount on your box! The code is BLG_CATR. The website is very user friendly, and has a lovely design. I really seem to like Sassy Bloom's image, well from what I've seen on there website and from the design of their boxes.

- Disclaimer - We were sent a Sassy Bloom Box for the purpose of an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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