Monday, 27 October 2014

Our DIY Cake Smash

For many months I've wanted Osian to have a cake smash shoot on or around his first birthday. I liked the idea as soon as I heard of it, but I know how expensive professional photo shoots can be. Luckily I have a Dad who in my opinion takes amazing photos, so I asked if he would take Osian's cake smash photos, and thankfully he said yes.

I then asked my friend whose daughter had a cake smash shoot what sort of cake they used, and she said that they had a giant cupcake.

This all happened months in advance then I kind of forgot to do any more planning until a few weeks before hand. We decided to do it two weekends before his birthday, because we had decided to have a little party for him on the weekend before, and I wanted to have some of his cake smash photos as party decorations.

As time crept closer to the date of the cake smash. I ordered Osian's vest, and bought a big blanket to use as a backdrop. I asked his aunty Beth, if she could make the giant cupcake because I remember she had made one for her daughter's birthday, but I left it too late to ask her and she apologised that she couldn't do it. So I decided I'd attempt to make it myself. I managed to find a giant cupcake tin from Home Bargains the day before the cake smash (I had ordered one earlier but it hadn't come in time). I thought I'd bake the cake that night, then decorate it in the morning whilst Osian had his morning nap.

After baking the cake and taking it out the tin I was quite disappointed because the cake looked more like a toadstool than a cupcake, but I realised it was because I had the bottom half upside down (silly me). I then left the cake until morning where I turned it the right way round, then when Osian went down for his nap I started making the icing. Next time I will take the butter out a few hours before needing because I didn't this time and it took ages to cream the butter as it was brick hard!

Whilst I was making the icing my Dad got the dining room set up ready for the photoshoot. He was finished way before me so he came through to help me finish decorating the cake.

I was quite proud with how the cake came out.

All we had to do now was wait for Osian to wake up. While we were waiting we took some practice photos with a teddy.

I was so excited to see Osian's face when he saw the cake. We thought we'd try and get a few 'clean' photos of him before showing him the cake. It was quite hard to get him to stay still to take any photos, because he was having more fun crawling around the empty dinning room.

It was also fun to play peekaboo with the blanket..

Then I brought the cake through and his face lit up, but he didn't really want to touch it for a while has he was still having fun doing other things.

I was stood near him the whole time ready to make sure his hands didn't go on the any of the walls, or that he didn't try and crawl through to the living room. Tara took a few photos on my camera for me and I quite like how this one came out.

I'm very pleased with how the cake smash went, and think the pictures my Dad took came out very well. I'm so glad we decided to try and do our own rather than spending lots on a professional shoot, but the time I bought all the cake ingredients, Osian's vest and the cake tin, I think I spent about £15-20 which isn't bad at all, plus around £7 for the blanket but I'm currently wrapped up in that so there's still going to be lots of use from it.

Here are the lovely photos my Dad took...

This last photo is Osian laughing at all the mess he made!


  1. I love this I think I might try it for my termite (she's a bit late for her birthday but it could still be fun

  2. Ahh great post! If I have another baby, we will definitely do the cake smash as we didn't do that with Darcie!

    Kay xxx

  3. Great post - lovely pics - such a a gorge boy and a FAB cake smash x Ax
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    Twitter: @littlemissalba

  4. Last photo is so priceless! Wish we made something like this before =) #binkylinky

  5. Ive never heard of this but what a great idea! Lovely photos

  6. Such a great idea! Osian looks like he had fun and you have some great photos! What recipe did you use for the cake? Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  7. Lovely photos, he is gorgeous. We are too old for a cake smash in our house and i'm sure I would rather eat it instead but what a lovely way to mark his birthday and remember it too #pocolo (Sarah h-Lovinglifewithlittleones)

  8. I love this post! I had been thinking about booking one of these, but I might take your lead and do it myself even though my little one's birthday's not for another 5 months! x