Sunday, 5 October 2014

First Birthday Wishlist - My 1st Years

There's something so nice about browsing the internet and looking for things for Osian's first birthday, I seem to spend ages looking at different things (not that I've actually bought anything yet!).

I love things for Osian that have been personalised, so My 1st Years seem like a great place to look for a few gifts. Here are a few items I have come across that I love.

1. Photo Frame- I'm hoping to do a Cake Smash just before Osian's birthday and would love to print one of the photos out to have out on display. This photo frame seems perfect for this.

2. Car Comforter- Osian loves his little comforters he take to bed, he's beginning to want them during the day sometimes too, plus he loves playing with cars so I think he'd like one of these.

3. Wooden Toy Box - I LOVE the look of this box, it's not big enough for all of his toys but would be a nice place to keep some of his special ones.

4. Rocking Chair - Okay I don't think he'd sit in this for a good while as it seems a bit high for him at the moment, but how cute is the chair!? It will be lovely for when he's a little bigger!

5. Dressing Gown- Osian had a lovely Winnie the Pooh dressing gown but it's way to small for him now, and it was very handy for after swimming and lovely to use after baths. I love the star print on this one.

6. Xylophone- Osian is really into noisy toys at the moment, and I love the look of this xylophone. I have only just noticed the age is 3+ so maybe it would be a toy kept away from his toys box and just brought out for times he plays with me or anyone else who could watch him carefully with it.

1. Another comforter - Since we switch the ones around that Osian uses so they can get popped in the wash, it okay for me to add another one in, and I just couldn't resist adding this Giraffe comforter. It's so cute!

2. Wooden Tractor - I love wooden toys, and I don't think Osian has enough of them. There's something so much nicer about wooden toys rather than plastic ones. Osian has a love of anything with wheels so I think he'd have a great time playing with this.

3. Abacus - Osian would love playing with this, he already has an abacus that he often plays with, he just loves things he can twist and spin around. What drew me to this one is that I like the personalised touch of a name on the side.

4. Teddy - I just couldn't resist choosing at least one of their teddies, they have a few lovely ones, but I think this elephant is my favourite.

5. 1st Birthday Vest - I really like the design of the vest. The pattern can also come in a darker blue, but I think the colour shown is just perfect.

6. Blanket - I know a blanket may seem more like a thing you'd buy a newborn rather than a one year old, but I just love the look of this one. It's seems so simple yet so lovely. With winter coming up it would be handy for using out and about.

So that's a list of my findings from My 1st Years. I'm getting quite excited for his first birthday, not that he'll realise what's happening but hopefully we'll do something he enjoys on the day.


  1. I love the little rocking chair, how cute! In definitely getting the first birthday vest, too cute! Xx

    1. It's so cute! Have you had any thoughts on what you're doing for Indiana's birthday? xx

  2. I think the little dressing gown is really sweet and such a good idea! I also really like the giraffe comforter - it's cute and not as garish as some can be!

    Emma |

  3. These are all really classic choices, very sweet. It's Dig's birthday tomorrow! Eeeeek. We've done his presents on a budget but I really like them :) I think I might do a post on what we choose sometime xx

    1. Exciting!! Hope you all have a lovely day :) xx