Sunday, 26 October 2014

12 Months Old

Firstly I would like to apologise, I usually have Osian's updates posted on the 22nd of each month, the day he turns a month older. I'm 4 days late today, I've just been busy with Osian's birthday then uni work, but better late than never?

I feel so sad that we've used the last age card from his baby milestone cards, just another reminder as to him growing too fast!

The day before his birthday he had his 12 month development check, where she had no concerns regarding his development. He got weighed for the first time with his clothes on, he weighs 23lb7oz, he also got measured and he's 77.5cm tall! Some of his 9-12 month clothes seem to be getting a bit small, but 12-18 clothes seem huge, I hate the inbetween clothes sizes stage!

This month Osian took his first step, but he doesn't stand completely unaided for more than a few seconds just yet. He loves to be on his feet, he pulls himself up whenever possible, and his balance is getting a lot better, he doesn't need much support at all. He can just be slightly leaning on something and he's doing the rest all by himself. When Osian crawls he seems to get around about 10 times faster than he used to. He tries his best to climb up onto the coach but he can't quite manage without a little bit of a help, but he can zoom up the stairs (this is a good one to tire him out before bed).

Osian now has 6 teeth! The next two top ones seemed to pop out of nowhere. It's a bit crazy how he had no teeth until he was 8 months old, then he had just one tooth for ages, then he suddenly had 4, but now he suddenly has 6.

Osian's nap times seem to be becoming a little tricky, as some days he still needs two naps, whereas other days he only needs one. Most days aren't too bad but some days it's quite hard to get him to sleep.

Osian seems to be becoming more vocal, rather than just babbling he seems to be saying some recognisable words. Such as saying 'Da' when he passed something or I pass him something, also he says 'Iya' if I someone says hiya to him. When he crawls over to me he says 'Mumum' I'm not sure if that's a coincidence but I'll take it as if he's saying Mum.

Osian's favourite thing at the moment seems to be books. He will either sit there flicking through the pages, or crawl over holding a book wanting to sit on someone's knee and have a story. He also likes blocks, and stacking cups, which he has done for a while, but he's now trying to put things back together rather than demolishing everything. It's lovely to watch the concentration on his face while he's trying to put things back together. Another similar thing he does it put things away back into boxes rather than just pulling everything out.

Another thing he's started doing is to crawl up to me grab my thumbs and start rocking whilst going 'Roo' for me to sing 'Row Row Row Your Boat' to him while holding his hands and rocking him back and forth, I'm not sure if he wants me to sing or that he knows I will tickle him at the end.

Osian's turning into quite a little character. He loves making people laugh, if he does something which leads to making someone laugh he will do it over and over again. Whenever we are out and about he's always pulling funny faces at people and loves it if they come over and start speaking to him.

I nearly forgot to mention Osian loves to dance, he dances to most songs. If we're in the car he bobs his head along to a tune, if we're inside the house he shakes his whole body and has a huge smile or a cheeky grin on his face!

Also in the past few days he seems to really like Makka Pakka, so I bought him a little Makkaa Pakka teddy for his birthday and he's been carried around getting his ears chewed by Osian ever since. Osian also laughs and smiles if we're watching In The Night Garden and he comes on!

Osian seems to have learnt loads this month and I can't believe he is now a whole year old!


  1. aww bless, Happy Birthday Osian! He's so cute x

  2. I can't believe how fast it has gone, he's such a little cutie pie! Won't be long until he's running around!

  3. So sorry I'm late with commenting, it's been crazy the past week! But happy birthday gorgeous boy! Reading this it could be about Indiana, they're so similar! xx