Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Ordinary Moments #5 - Teatime

I can never predict what mood Osian will be in come teatime. He will either be grumpy because he's getting tired or he can be in a great mood, where he's such a funny little character.

Today's teatime was the latter. I love tea times when they're like this. Today he really made me giggle, which seemed to encourage him to be even funnier. He was dancing away in his chair, making such funny noises and pulling funny faces. 

I just had to get my camera out and attempt capture some of his funny faces. My photos don't really do any justice in showing how funny the moments actually were.

I loved tonight's teatime. On the days that he's quite grumpy at teatime, can sometimes become a little difficult, but it just helps me enjoy and appreciate teatimes like today's a little bit more than I already do.


  1. Great photo - love the little faces he was pulling. Mealtimes can be such fun! :-)

  2. Don't you just love the silly faces they pull ... the good news is they get more comical as they grow too x

  3. Ahhhhhh so cute I love a silly tea time!! Osian is gorgeous :)

  4. Haha such cute little faces and what happy eyes he has, they have a real sparkle to them. I know what you mean about their mood at dinner times, I never know whether my ladies will be too tired and therefore be a pain, or happy and eat everything! x