Saturday, 27 September 2014

Osian's Day 25th of September

As our time at home just the two of us is drawing to a close, I thought it would be interesting to see what Osian got up to on a typical day that we didn't have many plans.

So Osian if you read this one day, here is what you were up to on a typical day of being 11 months old..

7.47 Wake up (a bit of a lay in!)
7.50 A nappy disaster.
8.20 Took ages to get both of us all cleaned up, which had involved your first shower!
8.30 Toast for breakfast.        
8.53 Playtime.
9.15 Milk then bed  - you seemed so so tired and quite often need a nap an hour or so after waking.
9.45 Out of bed because I realised you weren't going to sleep anytime soon.
9.50 Playtime.
10.50 Carried by Mummy to the shop to buy milk.
11.05 Lunch time. Cheese sandwiches, most get thrown on the floor, clearly not very hungry.
11.30 Take #2 for naptime.
11.45 Fast asleep.
1.30 Wake up to find Daddy home and your Great Taid over.
1.35 Play with your Great Taid
1.45 Say bye to Taid and play with your toys
2.30 Go for a walk to B&M
3.10 Back home to play
3.30 Guzzling down a drink
4.15 Watch Baby Einstein  
5.20 Tea                  
5.48 Finished tea
6.08 Daddy give you a bath      
6.24 All clean and ready for bed      
6.51 Stories, we had fun copying animal noises, it's the first time you've done that  
7.06 Milk then bed                          
7.20 Fast asleep

I had intended to write down whilst you were playing if you were playing with me or if you were sat playing on your own, and what sort of things you were doing. Silly me completely forgot to write it down and can't quite remember now :(

(Just to clarify I did change his nappy several times I just didn't write those down!)


  1. Aw this is really interesting, I should write a post on our daily routine at the moment. It so natural to us all now it seems that I could never forget it, but I bet I will eventually if I don't make a point of noting it down xx