Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Ordinary Moments #2 - Pegs

Osian loves playing with pegs. Tara lined loads up on the fire guard for him to play with. He loves spinning them around and trying to pull them off from the guard. I'm not sure why he likes them so much. He can sit playing with them for so long, maybe even longer than mosy of his toys.

My flash isn't good enough for any of my pictures to come out very well and the rooms too dark for no flash, but my Dad took a few pictures with his fancy new flash and I really like how they have come out. So he's let me use them for this post. Thanks Dad!

Who needs toys when you've got pegs??


  1. What stunning photos especially that second one. It's funny what they love playing with, my littlest loves to play with my purse and get all my bank cards out- it entertains her for far longer than her toys will!

    1. I will let my Dad know you like his photos :)
      Osian tries to grab my purse too, but that's usually when I'm trying to pay for things in shops!