Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nobody warned me about this part

When thinking about labour I was quite relaxed about it, I knew it was going to hurt and I knew it was going to happen and I just sort of accepted it. I wouldn't say I was prepared for it, because nothing could have prepared me for it, it's something I needed to experience before I understood it fully.
The one thing I did not think about once was that my body would need to recover. To be honest I thought once labour was over that was it, no more pain, but I was so wrong. I would have never of guessed I'd be carrying a thick pillow around the house with me for  a few weeks for me to put on a chair before sitting down.

The pain felt pointless, I understand labours painful but that was to bring my little boy into the world, I just kept thinking to myself what is the point in this pain? Which seemed to make things ten times worse. I kept thinking 'nobody warned me about this part'

Even now 9 months on my bodys not fully recovered, my knees are completely messed up. I didn't think this late on it could be anything to do with my body recovering but the doctor confirmed today that it's just my ligaments aren't fully recovered.

After writing this much I'm beginning to wonder what the point to this post is. I think it's more of me just thinking out loud. Maybe it's because I'm wondering if anyone else hasn't quite fully recovered after so long?


  1. I had a bad back for almost a year after I had my eldest (now 9) and I suffered SPD with my 3 youngest which has caused me to suffer with sciatica now ( 9 months after last pregnancy) , I hope that you feel well soon xx