Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Kids First Aid Kit Review

I was recently sent a Kids First Aid Kit from Premier Healthcare & Hygiene, who say that they sell the highest quality and most comprehensive range of medical supplies available.

The kit is a handy little size as it easy to carry it about. Before it came and I read everything that the kit included I was imagining it being too big and would be leaving it in the house, but I was wrong it's a great size.

I was impressed with the amount that comes in the kit. The kit includes, 9 plasters with patterns, 2 alcohol free wipes, triangular bandage, a pair of powder free vinyl gloves, microporous tape, low adherent absorbent dressing, two 20ml eye wash pods and a 5cm conforming bandage.

It's nice that they have added animal plasters, I remember Tara would always ask for the patterned ones when buying new plasters for the house.

I am very impressed by the size of the kit, it's handy for taking out and about with accident prone children. The kit costs £4.60, which can be found here.

- Disclaimer - I received the kid in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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