Monday, 4 August 2014

Infasense Justafit Review

Osian is quite a tall baby, he is on the 98th percentile for his height, whereas his weight is on the 50th. Meaning finding clothes to fit can be a bit awkward at times. Now that he is mobile he finds it hard to crawl in clothes that don't fit quite right, especially baby grows since he can get a bit lost in them.

We were recently sent a Justafit sleepsuit from Infasense, which has adjustable length arms and legs, by having straps at the ankles and wrists.
The idea behind the wrist straps is to prevent sleeves getting in the way of toys and food. Infasence was started by parents who could not find products without long sleeves falling into breakfasts or legs being too long that they were unsafe for their 17 month old son.
Justafit comes in a range of 5 colours, we were sent a Teal suit. I must say I really love the colour, and it looks lovely on Osian. The suit is made from 100% cotton, it is lovely and soft. I'm quite jealous that none of my pyjamas have such a nice feel to them!

The arms and legs are adjusted with velcro, meaning it's quick and easy to find the perfect size. Before trying the suit I was worried that it might end up being too tight, but you can adjust it so that it's comfortable but not too loose and stays the right size.

Although he only learnt to crawl last week he has very quickly learnt how to get everywhere. He is always on the move and he is also started pulling himself to standing whilst holding onto things. The sleepsuit allows him to move about freely with no restrictions. The velcro around his ankle means his legs move completely freely, without any of his clothing getting left behind.

As you can tell from this photo the body of the suit is a little big for him, but due to the adjustable part the arms and legs fit perfectly.

Osian can crawl perfectly while wearing his new sleepsuit, he's even kind enough to give us a little demonstration...

Overall I am very happy with the Justafit sleepsuit, it's a simple but genius idea. I think it will last a while due to the flexibility on its sizing. I think it may be the softest nightwear Osian has worn, it's really lovely. You can tell it was created by parents.

When purchasing from Infasence the sleepsuit comes in a twin pack for £24.99 on their website. It's a little more expensive than babygrows we usually opt for but I think it's well worth the extra money.

- Disclaimer - We were sent the sleepsuit for the purpose of an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.
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  1. What a great idea! A bit pricey for everyday thought, but very simple but clever x

  2. wish I'd had these when my were younger!! #triedtested

  3. We have a couple of these too - they are genius aren't they? Much more practical, as babies don't come in a 'one size fits all' option! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. We have the same trouble with sleepsuits - Toby is very tall so grows out of them quickly and the sleeves are always too long to get them long enough in the leg and body. My only worry would be that Toby would love playing with (and undoing) the velcro!

  5. What a clever idea....I could of done with those when my girls were little x