Thursday, 7 August 2014

InfaCare Baby Bath Review

A while ago we were sent a bottle of InfaCare Baby Bath. I've waited until we finished it all before writing this up. To be honest I'm quite impressed as to how long the bottle has lasted. I thought I'd be writing this weeks ago! InfaCare bottles have recently had a make over and I must admit I do much prefer the new look.

Babies' skin are 10 times more delicate than adult skin, so InfaCare Baby Bath has a specifically balanced pH to match the natural pH level of babies skin and hair, which has been clinically tested.

For Osian's first few months he really didn't like the bath so he didn't bathe daily, but now he's a little water baby he has one every night before bed. Which is something I'm very glad about after reading this quote -

"Bath time provides and ideal opportunity to tune in to your baby, a time to reflect on what your baby might be thinking. All that fun playing with bubbles can help them to learn through touch and play, and parents can learn to recognise what their baby is trying to tell them." - Clinical Psychologist Linda Blair

Osian has little bits of eczema, and nothing really seems to completely heal his skin. Since using InfaCare it seems to have died down quite a bit.

With only a little bit of Baby Bath the bath was fill of bubbles, and they lasted for ages. Osian seems to be quite fascinated with bubbles recently so this is great for us.

I must admit Osian's eczema hasn't completely cleared but I don't think anything will get fully rid of it but it has helped calm it down quite a lot, and prevented any more appearing.

I have decided to buy InfaCare to continue using it in Osian's bath. Therefore, I bought a bottle from our local supermarket and I was very impressed with the price, I was expecting it to be quite expensive due to it's high quality but the price didn't stand out at all and was very similarly priced to other products.

Overall I am very happy with InfaCare, as you can tell with my decision to start buying some for continual use. Even if Osian's skin wasn't so sensitive I would buy him this product, especially now the he has a bath everyday and that I'm very happy to use it daily.

InfaCare can be bought at many shops, including Tesco, Asda and Boots. It can also be purchased online on Amazon. We received a 400ml bottle but it also comes in 750ml.

- Disclaimer - I was sent the product for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. We use Infacare too - by far our favourite baby bathtime product :)