Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I cooked - Chicken Bites

I don't usually try to cook new recipes, I just make what I know and stick to that. Since Osian has started eating solid foods it is pushing me to try and make new things. So a few weeks ago whilst he was in nursery I popped to Tesco to buy some ingredients and I decided to make chicken bites.

I used chicken, apples, onions, herbs and I made some breadcrumbs. It seemed to take ages to get all the ingredients chopped and ready.

I then threw everything together in the food processor. Which was the quickest part as it only took about a minute. The mixture stuck together really well and then it was easy to roll it into little balls or make nugget shapes out of them.
Once I had got the bites into the shapes I wanted, I then rolled them in flour so the bites would have a nice coating.
I thought the next step would only take a few minutes but it took over half an hour. This step was to shallow fry the bites in oil. In hindsight I would have make the bites a little smaller so wouldn't take so long for the insides to cook, but it is a lesson learnt for future cooking.

I spend the whole time Osian was in nursery cooking the bites, although I only show three I had about 40 or so made up, but I froze most of them ready to cook another time. I was quite impressed with what I had made and thought they tasted really nice.

I gave Osian some for his tea but he didn't like them at all, the few bits he did try ended up being spat back out and the other ones where thrown over the floor. Hopefully he'll like it when I cook the ones from the freezer.

So me trying to be a little more adventurous with my cooking was half a success, I really liked them but Osian seemed to think the complete opposite.

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  1. Good on you for trying a new recipe, can be daunting at times. Look yummy, cant wait to try xx
    Popping over form #Weekendbloghop