Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fun in the Garden

Osian has been quite unwell for a few days this week, and one day we didn't leave the house. I didn't want to go in the car on my own with him in case he threw up, but I thought fresh air might help him feel a bit better and would hopefully cheer him up a bit. So we went out in the garden.

Osian was well and truly cheered up. I always seem to forget how much Osian enjoys being in the garden, he loves the grass, the new surrounding and seems to love when there's a bit of a breeze on his face. He's got a little slide in the garden now which was kindly given to us, although it was intended for use next summer Osian love sitting on the top (I was still holding onto him) he had a good old nosy on the top of the slide, and with a lot of help enjoyed sliding down it.

As soon as I got my camera out he tried his best to grab the lens, I'm not sure why but he's always so determined to get hold of my camera.

Whilst looking at these pictures I realise Osian even looked better when we were outside. Obviously I'm not hoping for him to be ill again but if he is I hope it's not pouring with rain or anything so hopefully the garden will lift his spirits a bit!

Do you have any little tricks to try and cheer up your little ones while they're under the weather?


  1. Gorgeous photos. I always find that getting outside for a bit helps everyone feel better and lifts the mood completely. Even just 10 minutes in the garden :) #CountryKids