Friday, 8 August 2014

Family Photo Friday Week #26

I was searching through my photos from this week when I realised I had no family photos to share this week. Then I asked Beth if I could use one of hers that she had taken yesterday and she kindly sent me a few over and I decided on this photo.

From left to right the photo is of Elliw, Sean, Osian and Mia.

Elliw and Mia are Osian's two cousins, Sean is their Uncle.

Typically there isn't a photo of the four of them looking, but this ones my favourite of all four of them. 
Elliw was too busy playing with bubbles, Sean's smiling nicely, Osian's too busy trying to eat the block and Mia's smiling nicely but looking away.

This next photo is my favourite one of Osian, look at his big smile! But Elliw's not looking and Mia's not smiling in this one so I thought the first one would be nicer for the family photo.

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


  1. I'm glad I took those photos yesterday :) xxx

  2. Lovely idea to get some photos of your little one with his cousins. My little boy doesn't yet have any cousins or siblings so is a bit of a lone warrior! Amelia

  3. haha typical, trying to get photos of kids all smiling and looking in the right direction at the same time is nigh on impossible! Still lovely shots though! :) xx #familyphotofriday

  4. Gorgeous pics. So lovely that they're all quite close in age, even to their uncle. They're going to have lots of fun growing up!