Friday, 22 August 2014

10 Months Old

I can't believe he's in the double digits already and only two months away from his first birthday.

This month, Osian has learnt loads. The afternoon of him turning 9 months old he crawled for the first time and there's been no stopping him since. His crawling's just getting quicker and quicker. He's also pulling himself to standing with anything he can grab. If he pulls himself up to standing holding onto the coach he walks along to the other end whilst holding on, I think that's called cruising?

Osian is turning into quite a little character, he's so funny. If he does something and someone laughs he will do it over and over again to carry on making them laugh. He likes to wave goodbye to people, but sometimes they've already left by the time he does wave back at them.
Osian now likes to share is food with me, he gives me a huge smile if I eat what he hands me.
He's always loved to play Peek-a-Boo, from a very young age it would make him smile, but now he does it himself, he pulls a toy up to his face laughs then pulls it down and laughs if someone says boo.

Osian's third tooth popped out the day before yesterday, you can't see it properly yet though.

His sleeping pattern is the exact same as last month. The only difference is that he has started sleeping on his belly most of the time, with his legs tucked up underneath him.

He's still being a bit fussy with foods, one day he will love something and the next he wont touch it and it will end up all over the floor! The one thing no one can do unless they want some of their food stolen is eat in front of him, unless he's eating himself. One Friday I went to pick him up from nursery to find him having his second pudding, one of the other babies had been sleeping over lunch time so were having a late lunch and once the baby was eating his pudding Osian decided he had to have some too!

This has been a huge month in terms of Osian's development, he's learnt loads since last month and loves having the independence to get to where ever he wants to go. He loves being able to go to the toy box and find what he wants to play with, he loves crawling around after people and being able to go up to whoever he wants to.

I just can't believe he's 10 months old!


  1. Can't believe he's 10 months! Still as gorgeous as ever and so clever! Love the second pudding bit, that's Indiana all over lol xx

  2. My girls sleep with their legs tucked under too. Happy 10 months little man. Not long til the big day x

  3. EEK, that first photo is just adorable. WOW 10 months already time flies - 1st Birthday just around the corner. The food thing will come, as you know they change daily xxx Ax

  4. aww it goes so quickly! I love the pic with the Milestones card. Lovely post #BinkyLinky

  5. So cute, love the month card 😊

  6. Aawwww I am exactly a year older than Osian xx lovely photos #binkylinky

  7. 2 more months left to go! Can't believe how fast it has come! xxxx