Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why can't I relax?

A few months ago Osian would nap in my arms, spend hours cluster feeding in the evenings then I would go to bed as soon as he did. Now it is completely different, he has two naps a day in his cot, and goes to bed at 7pm. Luckily I get time to myself during the day AND in the evening, so why do I not feel relaxed? I'd understand if my days where still the same as they were a few months ago, but I get at least a few hours to myself.

I can't relax unless the rooms tidy. Which is something that has never EVER bothered me before, but even after I've tided I still don't feel 100% relaxed. I'm really unsure as to what it is that is stopping me from relaxing. So here I am writing this post hoping someone will help an un-relaxed Mummy out, and send some relaxing suggestions.

I've already tried -

1. Shower in the evenings - I thought it would be a chance to relax knowing I'm not rushing and can just take my time and have a nice long shower, but it doesn't seem to help. Once I'm out I can't sit down and feel relaxed.

2. Reading - I've not long started reading the first Game of Thrones book and I really love it but I just can't seem to get into it recently.

3. Going to bed earlier - This one seems to be working a bit, but it's the time before I go to bed I would like to relax. Not whilst I'm in bed, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

4. Having a nice snack in the evenings - Such as chocolate, a nice pudding or some ice cream.

I know I've not tried much but I can't think of anything else to try, so any suggestion would be very much appreciated :-)

This is me currently - feet up and trying to relax.

Super Busy Mum


  1. Maybe you could make the most of the lovely weather and go for a short walk, or sit in the garden with a book as the sun goes down. I do both of these things and find they help.



  2. Stay away from caffeine is a definite. Do you just feel on edge or does your head go at 100 miles an hr? Try writing things down if it's the latter. Are you able to go for a walk? Burning some energy might help. Hope you relax soon xx

  3. I find that writing everything down that's in my head really helps, if I've put it on paper then it's out of my head and I can relax, it doesn't have to be worries or anything like that, you could just write something like 'I've tided up the lounge' , hope that helps #MMWBH

  4. Wow 2 naps a day and 7pm bedtime, maybe Osian could teach C a thing or two about sleeping!
    I know what you mean about relaxing, on the odd occasion C is in bed before 11pm (not joking about times) I just want to relax but can't, if i go to bed my mind seems to race through all the things i still have to do. I find ignoring the housework and spending an hour watching a tv program helps me, nothing complicated just something that i can switch my mind off and watch.
    I also bake to relax but i know most people arnt like that, i have been known to bake cupcakes at midnight to relax me a little.
    You just need to find something that works for you and do it, but don't overthink it or it will cause more stress than just doing nothing.

  5. I also cant relax when the room is messy before but now that my son is 4 it seems impossible to see tidied rooms. I think that more than anything it is your mind. Just try to listen to soft music. Your brain is probably still perky even after a long & tiring day. If you will snack dont go for sweets as they will give you a rush.

    I am sorry that I cant help. Me at night I just collapsed of tiredness. I wish I have more time to at least finish some books that I have beside my bed =P #mmwbh

  6. i was exactly the same when my son was younger. i still feel 'guilty' sitting doing nothing until the never ending list of chores are done. i think its all part of the process of adjusting to being a mummy tbh, we have to be more organised and get as much done as possible when they are asleep! im learning that chores can wait and sometimes i just need time to myself to do NOTHING! #WeekendBlogHop