Thursday, 17 July 2014

Travelling With a Baby

When we went to Scotland over Easter, it meant we were travelling 300 miles by car with a 6 month old baby.

Although it was only a few months ago it feels like ages ago we went. I don't have the best of memories these days (baby brain), but from what I can remember here are a few things we did to try and make the travelling run as smoothly as possible.

1. We decided to book a room over night halfway.
We thought it would be much better for Osian to have two half days of travelling rather than one full day. That way we could take our time having plenty of stops and we wouldn't be arriving too late. Well it wasn't exactly halfway we we're staying, we went a bit over halfway on the first day of travelling. We stayed in Carlisle on the way there and Preston on the way home. We stayed at a Travelodge both times, and we booked well in advance so it was quite cheap. Both Travelodges had recently been refurbished so they were actually really nice.

2. We left early. 
We decided to leave just before Osian needed his morning nap. Osian sleeps really well in the car so we carried on driving until he woke up. Having an early start also meant that we had all day and could take our time.

3. Plenty of stops. 
One of the advantages of staying halfway overnight is that we had lots of time so we could have plenty of stops. Our first stop was as soon as Osian woke up from his morning nap. We mainly stopped at service stations, simply because they are the easiest places to find. We got a bite to eat and also went for a walk around the place to stretch our legs and Osian could have a little break from being in the car seat.

Although it was only 3 things I think they really helped, especially the first one. I really did not fancy going all the way to Edinburgh in one day, it would have been fine if it was just us two but I didn't like the idea of doing it on day with Osian.

Osian at Tebay service station.


  1. When we travelled to London with my son we made sure that we have so many stops as well. Gave him achance to straighten those legs and to have some fresh air =) #pocolo

  2. We drove to south wales last november when C was 9 months old, she slept a lot of the way, we played game and sang songs, and has a couple of stops ( 8 hour car ride) I think babies are easier than toddlers.