Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Some bath photos

For months and months Osian absolutely hated the bath and over time he slowly started accepting the water and then turned into a little waterbaby. Osian is still really loving the bath, he has one every night before bed and has a nice long play with the water and his bath toys.

My Dad took some photos of Osian in the bath the other evening. I always love the pictures my Dad takes, all the ones in my header where taken by my Dad, and I don't think I'll ever need to pay for professional photos! Although the quality hasn't come out quite as well because I just saved them from his website, rather than asking him to send me the original files.

Look at his little tooth!
'What a funny face my Mum's got!'

A very short post but I just love the pictures and couldn't resist posting them. My Dad has posted all three pictures along with a few others here


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  1. popping over from the new #weeklylinky and thanks so much for joining in :) these are just the cutest photos - he is so adorable!! So lucky to have a dad who is so good at photography! mummy bloggers team x