Friday, 18 July 2014

Picking up a different baby!?

If you regularly read my blog you will know that Osian has started nursery, he goes every Friday just for the morning. Today was his third week of going, and so far every time I've picked him up he seems so different. It's as if in the space of a few hours he's grown up loads. He even looks a bit different! Is it just my mind playing tricks on me? Or does being around other babies make him change a bit?

You may be reading this thinking 'She's completely mad - a baby can't change THAT much in a few hours' but it really feel like he has! Feels like I'm picking up a different baby to the one I dropped of! This seems to last for a few hours once I've picked him up!
Does anyone else feel like their child/ren really change after being somewhere without them?

While we are on the subject of nursery, Osian cried for the first time when I dropped him off today. It was horrible leaving him. The past twice he's been very happy going there, and didn't mind me leaving. Which meant today I was worrying even more about him.

When he picked him up he seemed really happy to see me, he was full of smiles. It turns out all the worrying was for nothing, they told me he quickly calmed down and was really happy the whole time he was there.

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  1. They certainly know what buttons to press when you drop them off don't they! #weekendbloghop