Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Osian's Bedtime

Osian was not in any sort of bedtime routine for months and months. He loved to cluster feed in the evenings, and wouldn't settle until between 10 and midnight. He suddenly seemed to not need to cluster feed so much in the evenings and starting going to bed at 8, but would still feed from about 6. I can't remember exactly how we got here but he now goes to bed about 7 and has a little routine before bed, with only needing a 15/20 minute feed before bed.

5pm Tea - I make sure we are home for tea time, if he eats much later than 5 he's too tired to eat anything. Some days he will eat loads at tea time, but others will refuse most of his tea.

Bath - There is no set time for bath, it's just whenever teas done. Osian will have a good long play in the bath. He is such a water baby, he gets so excited when he gets in the bathroom ready to go in the bath. My backs been really bothering me lately so I find it hard to play with him in the bath, but I usually love it, it's so fun watching him splashing away.

Pyjamas - Once he's had his bath and creams on (he gets covered head to toe in moisturiser) he gets dressed in pyjamas ready for bed. He still usually wears a babygrow but has the odd pair of actual pyjamas.

Little play/story - this seems to be either Osian's most lively time of day or his grumpiest. It's usually the liveliest, he's so funny at this time of day. This is also when he usually attempts to crawl, but can get fed up quickly when he gets stuck on his belly.

7pm Fed and Bed - After he's been so lively we go into the bedroom where the curtains are drawn to try and make it calmer, and Osian gets fed then goes to bed with him his little teddy. It can take him ages to fall asleep, it's co cute listening to him babbling to his toy, and he falls asleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions.Then that's him usually until morning, he occasionally wakes up in the night but just wants a little cuddle then goes back to sleep.

All ready for bed.

This is the only time of day he has a set routine really. It can get really repetitive, but it works really well for Osian, so I do the best I can to stick to it. It took months for him to fall into this good routine, I don't want to go and mess it up by not being home in time.


  1. Aw this sounds really similar to our routine. x

  2. Sounds like a lovely little routine and similar to the one we've always gad with Monkey, funny how its still pretty much the same even at 2 and we rarely take him out of his bedtime routine either as he gets so cranky if we do! xx #babybabble

  3. I am really flexible during the day with my baby and bedtime is the only real kind of routine that we have and like you say it can feel a bit repetitive sometimes but I think it has definitely contributed to her sleeping so it's well worth doing it. I'm glad it's working for you and Osian too. x #babybabble


  4. I hope i can establish a routine when my little Riglet makes an appeearence. I think its good for everyone.

    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess


  5. Sounds like you've pretty much nailed it! *really rather envious right now*
    Thanks for linking to #babybabble

  6. Osian is super cute! His routine is similar to my little ones but I can never seem to keep my little one up after 6.30, he's just a lazy bean, loves his sleep! #babybabble

    Fiona @