Wednesday, 30 July 2014

First Birthday Ideas

Although it's 3 months away, I've been thinking a lot recently about what to do for Osian's first birthday. I know he won't remember it, but I would like to do something that he will enjoy, and there will be pictures to cherish. Plus we will always remember his day.

Here are a few ideas I have come up with so far...

Zoo - I've been wanting to take Osian to the zoo for quite a while, he seems very interested in animals so I think he would enjoy the zoo. We would have the choice of two Zoo's, either Colwyn Bay Mountain Zoo, or Chester Zoo. Would take a fair bit longer to get to Chester Zoo, but it's worth the travelling. This option is very weather dependant though, if the weathers rubbish we wouldn't bother going, so maybe it would be best to take him whilst it's still summer instead.

Day out - Another weather dependant one. Osian seems to quite enjoy going for walks so I think he would enjoy just going somewhere for the day. We could try find somewhere with a park, and could have a nice picnic. Just like an ordinary day out, but maybe bring some cake along for the picnic!

Tea/Lunch Party - This is probably what we will end up doing. I think it would be nice for Osian to enjoy time with his family and I can attempt to make everyone some food (I hear disaster calling). If we go for this option I will try and have a little theme going, not sure what yet, will probably take to Pinterest for some inspiration. This option isn't weather dependent, which is a bonus. October seems to be an odd month weather wise, sometimes it's lovely whereas other times it's wet and windy.

I don't think hiring somewhere out is going to be an option, I'd rather keep it a bit more low key for his first birthday.

One thing I know for sure that I'm hoping to do is a cake smash photoshoot. I really love the idea of a cake smash, and I have seen some great pictures of other babies ones I've already asked my Dad if he would take the photos, which he has kindly agreed to, so I need to get a backdrop and the cake sorted.

Osian at 4 days old, can't believe it's time to start thinking about his 1st birthday!

What did you do for your little ones first birthday? 

Super Busy Mum


  1. Aww how exciting that his first birthday is on the horizon! I cannot wait to see what you finally decide on doing and see the day unfold too! MY youngest sons 6th birthday is in the next two weeks! Panic stations! haha. Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

  2. What a beautiful little boy you have! :D And such an unusual name for me, but really lovely!
    We didn't do anything really special for ours 1st birthday. We had some family over, and that was pretty much that. :)


  3. Cant wait for his first birthday :) He is going to be so spoilt!
    I did a party in the house for mia, but friends came over and I should of kept it just for family I think. Would have been much better. I do tea partys for them on the day of their birthday and a day out on the day (if its weekend) or otherwise on the sat or sun. But mia is at the age for parties atm.

  4. So many fab ideas to choose from - sounds like he is going to have the best Birthday EVER. What a gorge pic of Osian just a few days old. Looking forward to seeing your final plans Ax

  5. He is so adorable! sounds like you have some great ideas! Glad I found you on The Mad Mid Week Blog Hop

  6. We went for a small close friends and family gathering which worked out well. Thinking back it would have been nice to have some sort of day out to remember back to but with a feb bday with all the snow I guess it would have been am i door option :-)