Friday, 11 July 2014

Family Photo Friday Week #22

On Saturday it was my Dad's 50th and Osian's Great Grandfather's 70th birthday. So both Osian's Taid and Great Taid were both having milestone birthdays. I tried my best for him involved in both of their birthday celebrations. 

We went for brunch with my Mum, Dad and Tara. Afterwards they were heading over to near Port Meirion for a walk, but me and Osian were headed in the opposite direction to a place called Llyn Brenig. Were there was for a surprise picnic arranged for Osian's Great Taids birthday. He had also been on a surprise helicopter trip in the morning, it sounded like he was very surprised and had a great time. 

The lake was really lovely, I had never been before but I think I will be going again, the picnic was also lovely and although Osian had stuffed his face at brunch he still wanted more food, so he had a few bites to eat too. We were the first to leave because I wanted to be there for tea with my Dad for his birthday. My Dad wouldn't enjoy an evening meal out so we all had a nice takeaway for his birthday tea.

I had managed to time everything perfectly around Osian's naps. We went for brunch after Osian had is morning nap, he then slept on the journey to Llyn Brenig, stayed asleep for about 15 minutes after arriving then woke up a few minutes before his Great Taid arrived. 

It was a busy but lovely day, was nice spending time with everyone and was nice Osian got to spend time with both of his Taids on their birthday. 

Osian and his Great Taid. Osian refused to keep his hat on, but he was kept in the shade most of the time so wasn't too bad.

 Tara and my Dad at Brunch.

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  1. I LOVE that photo of my taid and osian!!!!!
    Was lovely having you both there : ) Hope youre Dad had a fantastic birthday xx

  2. Aww sounds like a very lovely day and a gorgeous shot of Osian with his Great Taid! Xx #familyphotofriday

  3. I've never been to Llyn Brenig, might have to take a day trip one day. Sounds like to had a very busy but lovely day xx

  4. Sounds like a fab week! The photos are lovely x

  5. Sounds like it was a very happy day, and all went very smoothly. Well-planned! Great photos, too. I like the idea of the Family Photo Friday, I hadn´t seen it before. I've popped over from the Weekend Blog Hop, my blog is

  6. A weekend of real celebration for you, great memories! #familyphotofriday

  7. What a lovely day out! Love the photo of Osian and his Great Tiad!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

  8. There's always something lovely about getting multiple generations of a family together. Sadly we can no longer stretch as far as our children's great-grandparents on either side, but even so they love being with their grandparents as much as they can.

  9. Lovely photos. Osian is a wonderful name. I also love the name Taid for grandparents. where do they both originate from?? Laura xx #WeekendBlogHop