Thursday, 24 July 2014


On Monday, Osian and I went for a random little afternoon out with my Mum and Tara. I suggested that we could go to Betws-Y-Coed, just because it was the first place that popped into my head. Which ended up being a lovely afternoon. My Mum's a coeliac and had heard there was a cafe which catered well for coeliacs, so we went to try out the cafe. It was a nice little cafe, decorated with lots of lovely pictures of chimpanzees and orangutans, where my Mum had a much wider choice of foods than she usually does when we are out and about.

After lunch we enjoyed a lovely ice cream, I gave my wafer to Osian and there was still a little ice cream on the end. His face was a picture when he tried it. But he liked it enough to carry on eating the wafer.

We then went for a little walk. There are been a walkway recently built by the river, which took us through the forest, so it was nice and cool from the shade of the trees. The walkway was very pram friendly.

On the way back to the car we passed a big playing field, where Tara practised lots of cartwheels and we had to mark them out of ten. I was surprised at how good she was, especially since she hasn't been allowed to go to her Gymnastics lessons for weeks due to her hurting her elbow.

Osian judging Tara's performance.

We all had a lovely afternoon out, sometimes the unplanned trips turn out the be the best ones! 

Summer Days
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  1. It looks like you had a great time. Osian has the cutest smile! It's been so hot here where I live that I've just stayed close to home. Going to parks and we had the paddling out in the garden today. We also had a picnic in the garden. I hope this warm weather stays for a while!

  2. Sounds like a great day out! What a cute you have there! I went to Betws-Y-Coed as a child on a school holiday! Many, many, many years ago!!x #summerdays

  3. Looks like you had such a lovely day out and have some beautiful photos to remember it. I'm glad your mum got plenty of choices to eat, eating out can be so hard with allergies. Thanks for linking up to #SummerDays linky :)

  4. Aww! Looks like you had a lovely day! Gorgeous photos x

  5. I love the expressions on Osian's little face. It sounds like you all had an impromptu day out in a very picturesque place. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.