Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Yesterday evening whilst I was sorting through the photos I had taken of Osian that morning. I was just thinking about how much he's changed and grown. One of the biggest changes I've been thinking about a lot recently is how he plays. Now that Osian is older he needs entertainment. He won't just lie happily on a mat watching lights or toys swinging above his head, or just lay in someone's arms having a long cuddle. Although he still likes to be held, he will want to be upright and most likely playing with the person's face, grabbing their nose is one he likes to often do. Osian likes to do lots of other things. He loves playing with toys or his feet. I love watching him play. Most things get put in his mouth at some point, but he also fiddles about with them in his hands, and he chats away to them. 
I one think Osian's favourite things to do is pat things, he's always patting away on his toys or on any surface. I think he prefers the surfaces because it turns into him banging the table rather than tapping lightly, and you can tell he's having so much fun due to the HUGE smile on his face. He must even dreams about patting away because I've seen his arm going up and down with his palm of his hand patting on his belly whilst he's sleeping, it's so cute watch!
I won't sit here and write that Osian needs entertained by someone the whole time, or that he will play happily on his own for ages. Because some days one is the case where other days its the other. It's nice to have a mix of both, times where he plays by himself I can get other things done. Whereas times he wants someone to play with it's nice feeling wanted and lovely to have fun with him.

Here are a few pictures of him having a little play yesterday morning.

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  1. Eeee he's such a cutie! They grow so quickly don't they! #mmwbh

  2. I love watching him grow and in that last picture he looks a lot like you. I can't wait unti
    Dex is sitting up by himself and playing. He can sit up for a few seconds unattended now but not long enough for much playing to be achieved lol it made me laugh when you said about nose grabbing, for a few weeks now Dex has been obsessed with noses haha

    1. Do you think so? Some say he looks like me and some say he looks like Nathan! Aww you'll love watching him when he manages to do so :-) haha! it's cute isn't it xx

  3. Awww hes such a cutie! I remember when my sons eats everything on sight as well. I dont know then if he is teething of getting to know textures using his mouth but nonetheless its him growing up like your son here =) #mmwbh