Monday, 9 June 2014

Facing The World

As much as I loved going for walks and being able to look at Osian the whole time, it just can't be the case anymore. Osian now doesn't seem to like being parent facing. He used to like it, and when he'd get tired he would just fall asleep, but now if he's tired and can see me he will not fall asleep. He will just cry and cry, ending up being carried due to him being too upset to stay in the pram. 

Until recently I didn't realise he was crying because he was tired and not being able to fall asleep whilst watching me, I thought he was beginning to hate the pram. As soon as I realised what the problem was, I turned the pram around to forward facing. Osian seems to really like the pram being this way around. He will happily sit there watching the world go by, and if he gets tired will easily nod off. By easily I don't mean quickly, it can take him quite a while. Easily means that he doesn't cry or whine at all, falling asleep happily holding onto his toy.  

It may seem like a small thing, just turning the pram around, but it feels like a big thing to me. I really enjoyed being able to see him whilst out and about. Also it's another realisation as to how fast he's growing up. Well maybe if we are out sometime and I know he won't be needing a nap I could turn him to parent facing to see how it goes, but if he doesn't like it would have to take him out and try and unclip the seat from the base and turn it around. Therefore will probably just stick to having him forward facing, or 'facing the world' as I like to call it.

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