Sunday, 22 June 2014

8 months old

I think I say this every single month, but wow - I can't believe how fast the times gone. Osian is 8 whole months old!

Last month I mentioned Osian can now sit on his own. Although he could sit unsupported, we left pillows around him, just in case he wobbled over and banged his head. Now we just sit him on the floor and he doesn't need to be surrounded by pillows, if he does fall backwards he knows to keep his head lifted up so it doesn't hit the ground. 
Osian is trying his very best to crawl, he gets so frustrated when he's on his belly. He can manage to move backwards or sideways but can't seem to get to where he wants to go forwards.

I recently got Osian weighed and he is now 18lb 11oz. I can't remember his length, and the red book is out in the car so I can't easily check but he is on the 98th percentile for his height, looks like he's going to be tall. He's in between clothes sizes at the moment, with some 6-9 month things being too small and others fitting just nicely, going to get the 9-12 month clothes out to try him with.

He's quite a good sleeper now, he usually goes to bed between 6 and 7, sleeps all night then wakes up between 5 and 6. So he usually gets 11-12 hours sleep a night. He's got a cold at the moment, and is sleeping hasn't been quite so great. He took a while to settle last night, then he woke up a few hours later and was very upset, once I managed to calm him and get him back to sleep he was fast asleep until 7am, I'm glad he still managed a long stretch of sleep, he seemed a bit better when he woke up.

Although Osian can't talk he can make his wishes known. It's easy to tell when he wants picked up, or when one persons holding him but he wants another to hold him. He just leans as close as he can get to the person he wants. It's really cute to see, and it's lovely when I'm the person he wants to be held by.
I now take him to baby club, where he loves to play with the toys and have a good look around at the other babies. I find it quite weird that he's one of the older babies there, which is another reminder as to how fast he's grown up. He really loves looking at other children when we are out and about. There's this cafe we often go to, and if we go at the weekend one of the workers' daughter is sometimes there, she always comes up to Osian because she likes babies, Osian really loves looking at her, and tries to grab her curls. He does the same with his big cousin Elliw, he didn't take much notice of her before, but now he loves trying to grab her clothes and things. 

He doesn't seem have any favourite toys or teddys, he goes for different ones all the time. Although he does have a set of stacking cups that he gets very excited when he sees them coming out the toy box, but he will still drop them to play with something else. Although I do think he has a favourite thing to do, which is patting things. He pats everything, his toys, peoples faces, any surface, his legs, etc. He must even dream about it because I've seen his hand patting away in his sleep.
We can't eat anything in front of him anymore without him wanting a piece. Or something of his own to eat. So I tend to have a snack the same time as him now, or if I fancy some chocolate I need to hide whilst eating it. 
When trying new foods (even if it's something he turns out to like), the moment the food touches his lips he pulls this really funny face. He looks absolutely disgusted, as if to say 'Why are you giving me this?'. After the initial disgust with new foods he's usually quite good at eating wide variety of foods, he's funny though some days he'll something whereas the next he won't.

This month Osian's first tooth has appeared. It is the bottom right tooth and can now be seem very clearly when he smiles, unless he's sticking his tongue out at the same time. Teething didn't seem to bother him too much, I hope it's the same when the rest of his teeth come through. 

Happy 8 months old Little Osian!!


  1. That is a lovely update, nice to see how he is progressing! He is a beautiful little boy!

  2. Aww happy 8 months little guy. I agree they're growing up so fast, but they get so much more fun as they get older :) xx

    1. I shall pass on your message :) That's true! I need to realise that a bit more than dwelling on the fact it's going so fast xx