Thursday, 1 May 2014

Real Nappy Week Day #3

Yesterday we gave both Little Lamb nappies a go. One is for day time and the other is for night time.

Little Lamb One Size Nappy V2 is another pocket nappy. It comes with two bamboo inserts to go inside the pocket. The nappy comes in a range of 9 colours and we received the 'Hazy Sun'. The lining of the nappy is designed to take the moisture away from your baby's skin and is drawn into the bamboo inserts. Once again the nappy fastens with poppers and has poppers down the front allowing the nappy to grow with your baby. Due to the low pricing of the nappy it is a budget nappy, but the quality is of the same high standard as some of the more pricey nappies we have tried. We used both bamboo inserts which seemed to absorb really well as there were no leaks. I think you would be able to fit in a third if need be. I can't comment on how long it takes to dry because it is waiting to go in the wash, but supposedly the bamboo dries faster than a cotton insert. Something I can comment on, and will make a big point of, is how lovely and soft the bamboo inserts are. More importantly, because it was the part that was touching Osian's skin, is how lovely and soft the lining of the nappy is. Overall I am very happy with this nappy, especially considering the price!  

Little Lamb Cotton Nappy is a nappy we were given for night time. Now this nappy is how I pictured all the cloth nappies to be. I had just imagined Terry Nappies but in a more modern style and without having to use pins as fasteners. Although I didn't imagine the waterproof wrap. but it now seems obvious that you would need to have one.. The nappy is super absorbent and we were sent a waterproof wrap, we were sent a Little Lamb wrap. I was a bit apprehensive about trying a nappy overnight because what if it leaks and wakes Osian up? Or what if it leaks and he doesn't wake him up and he is left in soggy clothes all night? Well if it's designed for night time it should last the whole night so I decided I should try it out. To my pleasant surprise it lasted the whole night, no leaks! Although I was so glad the nappy lasted all night, I was even happier that Osian was in bed for 11 hours!! So he was giving the nappy a good testing. As well as being a night time nappy it could also be used during the day for heavy wetters. I will happily use this nappy again for Osian's night time nappy. 

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- Disclaimer, I was sent these nappies for the purpose of trying out for Real Nappy Week, all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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