Friday, 16 May 2014

Family Photo Friday Week #15

We have had such nice weather this week. It's not just warm today it's actually hot, I'm writing this at 10.35am so I wonder what midday will be like! The nice weather has meant lots of chances for us to go outside. We were supposed to go swimming on Monday but the pool was unfortunately closed. We did manage to go to the park which was close by instead. Osian had his first go on a swing, he wasn't too fussed about it. Then on Wednesday Osian and I went to see his Aunty Beth and cousin Elliw, he got to go on the swings again, this time he was sitting there for ages. He was full of smiles, seemed to be really enjoying himself, and loved watching Elliw going up high on her swing. Typically he smiled the most once the camera was away! I was surprised by the length of time he actually sat their happily, he sat there whilst they were both having a go on the swings and also when Elliw was running about the park playing. It will be nice when he's older and they can run about playing together.

Osian looking at his big cousin!

Cousins having fun.

'This is fun!'

I tried to get a picture of Elliw with a big smile on her face when she was going high on the swing but they all came out blurred.

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  1. Lovely! The perspective in the first photo makes him took tiiiiiiiny! LOVE IT! Thanks for linking up with #familyphotofriday

  2. My son adores swings! #familyphotofriday

  3. Swings always gives happy smiles and faces! Your kids has the nicest smiles =) #familyphotofriday