Thursday, 29 May 2014

#bootd - Baby's Outfit of the Day

I have wanted to join in this linky since it started 3 weeks ago. Although I take lots of pictures of Osian I never seemed to have one showing his whole outfit. Apart from this week, I was looking over the pictures I had taken when I realised I had one that could be used. Plus it was of an outfit I absolutely loved him wearing.

The outfit was given as an Easter gift, from Osian's Great Auntie Maureen.Everything he is wearing is from Boots, their Mini Club range. I must say Boots isn't a shop I usually shop in for baby clothes. After seeing this outfit I think I ought to have a look in Boots next time I'm out clothes shopping for Osian.
I may be cheating by posting a picture of his outfit from the other day, rather than from today. I just thought he looked so cute in his little shorts, t-shirt and shirt!

Hopefully I will join in Ickle Pickle's linky again next week. If we're lucky it will be a summery outfit again because the sun will decide to reappear, if not I can always live in hope!

Ickle Pickles Life


  1. I love this, if I had a boy this is the sort of thing I'd put him in x #bootd

  2. So glad you have joined and linked up with #bootd Thank you! I have never had any clothes from Boots, I must tell mummy how great they look! x

  3. Ah, he's so cute! I love a little boy in a shirt, they look totally adorable. I've been surprised by the clothes range in Boots too.