Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yu! Healthy Snacks Review

I have recently decided to try and eat healthier, I'm a huge chocoholic and I decided the other day to cut it out. So when I read on twitter that Yu! were looking for bloggers to try out their healthy snacks, I thought it would be perfect. I do like to snack but I can't really be bothered preparing fruit for myself (I know, I'm lazy!) therefore ready to eat snacks are what I need, another reason I tend to opt for chocolate. Especially since now Osian is now eating solids and I only give him homemade healthy foods I think I should ought to make an effort to eat healthily too.

Yu! was made by two friends with the intention of making healthy snacks that appealed to children, but they have found that adults love them too. There products are made from real fruits and natural ingredients - completely free from any artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives. 

I was sent 7 packets to try out, I received 5 fruit chews - 3 strawberry and 2 blueberry, and 2 packets of Granola & Mango mini clusters. 

The first one I tried were the strawberry fruit chews. Which are made from 100% real fruit. A packet will contribute to one of your 5 a day. The packet weighs 24g and the calorie content of each packet is 90. When I first saw the size of the packets I thought that the portion would be small and that I would want more once I'd finished the packet, but I was wrong. The portion is a perfect sizing, it's enough but not too much, I hate not finishing packets of things because it always gets forgotten about and never finished, but I also hate getting to the end of a packet and wanting more. I quite like Strawberries so I expected to like the taste too, which I did, I found myself really enjoying the packet.

The next day I then went on to try the Granola & Mango mini clusters in a yogurt coating. The clusters contain real fruit and yoghurt, but doesn't contain any artificial colours or flavours. The packet weighs 25g and the calorie content of each packet is 110. I wasn't sure if I were going to like these, mango isn't something I'd ever tried (I have since because I made Osian some for breakfast). They didn't taste anything like I expected, they were so nice! I felt as if I was snacking on sweets rather than something healthy, just goes to show that healthy foods DO taste nice.

Lastly I tried the blueberry fruit chews, like the strawberry ones, they are also made from 100% fruit. The packet has the same weight of 24g but the calorie content per packet is only 84. I do not like eating blueberries so I did not expect to like these, but in fact they turned out to be my favourite out of them all! I just loved the taste.

The packets are a very handy size for carrying about, I think they are perfect a tasty snack for when you're out and about, travelling, to put in kids lunchboxes, to add to your own lunch or a quick and easy snack for in the house. I think I will be buying some more of these for myself, and probably for Osian when he's older.

Yu! have an online shop, where they sell a wide range of products, including the packets I received. I have seen them in Supermarkets too, I definitely saw them in Waitrose but I'm unsure where else sells their products.

- Disclaimer - I was sent these snacks for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. These sound fab! I have recently started looking at healthy lunchbox ideas as my son will be starting school this year and these sound perfect!

  2. Haven't tried these but I will now xxx Ax

  3. We tried these. Wasn't a fan of the chews to be honest, but I don't like the jelly texture of sweets, but we had yoghurt coated raisins and blueberries and they were lush! Really want to try the granola ones now!