Saturday, 26 April 2014

We're back

It's the day you have all been waiting for...lovedbymummy is back! Ha ha, I joke, I am really back, but doubt it was a day anyone was waiting for.
I will hopefully get back into the swing of posting regularly. We arrived back from Scotland on Thursday but I haven't really sat down to blog, I was on the laptop for an hour last night but that was to Skype a lovely Nappy Guru about Real Nappy Week which is next week, there are plenty of posts to come about that soon.

Osian turned 6 months old whilst we were away in Scotland so I will hopefully be posting about that tonight.

Tara, my Mum and Dad have had a two week holiday to Spain. They arrived back today, with lots ofnlovely chocolates for me! :)
 I thought I'd share this lovely picture from, Osian's nearly ready for bed, his poor little arms and shoulders get cold at night so he wears a cardy to bed.

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