Monday, 28 April 2014

Real Nappy Week

I must be honest, cloth nappies are not something I ever really considered. During me pregnancy I didn't even question disposable nappies, they were just what I knew to use, they're what you see when you walk around the supermarket, advertised on tv, used by everyone I know. So when I saw disposable nappies on offer in Tesco I bought some, and continued to buy disposables once Osian arrived and never gave cloth nappies a single thought. Until one day I saw a tweet, asking if anyone would consider trying out cloth nappies, and I very nearly just scrolled past, but then I thought that could be me, why shouldn't I give it a go? I am very glad I answered the lovely Michelle's tweet and was lucky enough to be sent an amazing set to give cloth nappies a go. 

My first thought when I received my big parcel and opened it up was how nice the nappies looked. We were then off to Scotland so I left them all at home not wanting to try something so new whilst away from home. When we arrived home I tried two from following the instructions on the packet. The next day I had an Skype conversation with a Nappy Guru - the lovely Sarah. It was a very comfortable chat and wasn't at all formal, especially since I was wearing my pyjamas! She talked me through each nappy I had received and gave me the basic instructions on how to use them but she also told me some of her personal tips which was a big help. She also told me to wash them all before use so they would be more absorbent. However I didn't initially know this and had already used two of them and they seemed reasonably absorbent anyway without washing.

My pack includes, a Charlie BananaSmartipantsBambino MioTots BotsLittle LambGoVia, another style of Little Lamb and another style of GroVia. I will tell you all about these nappies in more detail over the week, plus our thoughts on using them.

So during the week I will be updating you all on how our Real Nappy journey is coming along.
There are also other bloggers who received a pack from fill your pants, who will also be involved in Real Nappy Week -
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Here is a giveaway giving you the opportunity to win a £50 voucher to spend at that is open from today until the May the 12th.
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I also have something else to offer you, a link to receive 10% off any order from TheNappyGurus, BUT during Real Nappy Week it is 20% off!

Anyone is welcome to speak to a Sarah who is a Nappy Guru, for free advise or to answer any of your questions regarding cloth, simply click here

I'm really excited about this week!


  1. Looks great! If we were in the UK i would definitely be using reusable nappys! However its so expensive to get anything delivered here, if we spent the money and then found that it didn't work for us it would be a big shame!!

  2. I really I've always loved the idea of reusable nappies, my mum used them on my brother and sister. We live in a one bedroom flat at the moment where clothes struggle to dry as it is so it's really not been practical this time around but I really hope with baby no 2 we can give them a go. Good luck!

  3. For my first child, I always used disposables but for my second, I used real nappies. I must say that the real ones were much better and prettier!! I'm glad to hear that you have a few different styles as there were certain ones that fitted better to the shape of my daughter's body and were easier to use because of that. When I bought ours, we were able to get some money from our local Council (I think it was about £30). It might be worth looking into whether your local Council do that too. Thanks for linking up! #BinkyLinky

  4. I really fancy giving them a go, but there so expensive :/ #PoCoLo

  5. i really wanted to give these a go with Joshua but my husband was really unsupportive of it. Next time i will be having a go!

    thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo

  6. I tried cloth nappies with my twins, but just couldn't get to grips with them. I found they were quite damp around the edges after an hour or so. I think they look super cute though. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  7. Nice designs! Tied cloth nappy like this before when my son is still uses nappies and it is nice but i run out of them fast! My son pees like crazy. So its a combination for me. #binkylinky

  8. We used reuseable wipes with our first but not with our second, I have always used disposable nappys but would like to try reuseables, maybe next time. (Loving life with little ones)