Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Real Nappy Week Day #1

Yesterday was the first day of real nappy week. So after testing a few nappies out yesterday and over the weekend here are some of the ones we have used so far. I have been using disposables alongside cloth nappies for when we are out and about, with cloth nappies being so new I thought I'd leave the venturing out with them until later on in the week after we are more used to using them.

Firstly here is the nappy which is my favourite looking one. Bambino Mio - Mio Solo, which is an all in one nappy. the print we received is called 'Traffic Jam'. The nappy has poppers down the front to adjust the size and fastens with Velcro® style tabs. The poppers are designed so that the nappy can fit from birth to potty training, saving you the money of having to buy different sizes. I found the Velcro made it really easy to get the sizing perfect for Osian. You can also fold over the sticky part of the Velcro before you put it in the washing machine. The nappy was absorbent with no leaks. Although it is the nicest looking it does seem to take the longest to dry, it took a good few days to be able to use it again.

Charlie Banana One Size Nappy, it is a one size nappy because the nappy grows with your baby. There is a bra-strap style fitting for the legs of the nappy, allowing you to pull the legs tighter or loosening them when your baby grows, this is unique to Charlie Banana. You have a choice of using disposable inserts or use the reusable ones that are provided with the nappy, you get two of these with the nappy. If using the reusable inserts you will need to pull them out of the pocket before putting both the nappy and inserts in the wash. During our Skype conversation Sarah gave me the tip of ensuring the label of the insert is placed near the pocket opening on the nappy so you can pull it out by holding the label rather than having to grab the soggy insert. This nappy is sealed with poppers around the waist. I found this one a bit harder to get the sizing just right with this nappy due to the poppers, but I got there and the nappy was a perfect fit and we didn't have any leaks. Although I found the Velcro easier I think once Osian is older he may be able to undo the Velcro whereas I don't think he will be able to with the poppers.

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- Disclaimer - I was sent these nappies to write about my experiences with Cloth Nappies for Real Nappy Week


  1. Nice macro shots!

  2. These are such gorgeous designs. I used real nappies with the twins however the amount of washing I had was coming out my ears! lol

    1. I have a few more I'll be posting about over the week which have some lovely prints too :) oh god! I can only imagine!