Saturday, 26 April 2014

6 months old

Half a year old already, I honestly can't believe how fast the time's gone.

As I may have mentioned before Osian is a right nosy little Mr, and now he's older you can see him taking his surroundings in more and more. When we were in Scotland we were doing lots of visiting so he saw a lot of new houses, and he was studying each new room he entered, taking in all the new sights.

Osian is becoming more and more vocal, he babbles so much sometimes, but other times he stays really quiet. I love listening to him talking away to himself.

He seems to really like playing with toys now, especially noisy ones, but given the chance he would rather play with a plain black remote than his colourful toys! He also likes to try and grab peoples watches or their phones.

It's really lovely getting to see his personality more and more. He seems to be quite determined, if he wants something that's out of his reach but in his sight he will try and try to get to it. Also we are realising more what his likes and dislikes are. We are still finding more and more ways to make him giggle.
I think I'm also getting better at realising his needs, and distinguishing between when he wants fed, or when he's getting tired or when he's just getting a bit bored.

We are slowly managing to get him to nap during the day in the house, whereas before he'd need to be in the pushed in the pram or in a moving car or getting fed, meaning I would have to sit in the same spot the whole time he was napping. Since Osian will be starting nursery in August/September he will really need to learn how to nap on his own. He still gets sat in the pram but it's just kept in the same spot so he is learning to fall asleep without the movement. Up until recently I would let Osian fall asleep feeding, wait until he was in a deep sleep then attempt to put him in his cot - which could take a few attempts, but now he has started going into his cot awake - sleepy but still awake. He's getting better at falling asleep on his own (as usual when it comes to sleep - cross fingers I'm not jinxing him)

My baby's getting so big so quickly!

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