Thursday, 27 March 2014

When did you get so big?

When you see someone everyday I think it's hard to notice them growing and changing from day to day. One morning last week I was about to pick Osian up from his cot and it just hit me that he looks so big now. It's not like he had some magical transformation overnight, I think looking through newborn pictures the night before made me realise how much he has changed. Ever since I have been asking him 'When did you get so big?'

I keep going on and on about it to people, as if they can't notice it for themselves as to how much he's grown, but I'm just shocked. Although, I shouldn't really be surprised as to how big he looks now considering he's a whopping 17lb, compared to his birth weight of 7lb 13.5oz. I remember thinking how small and delicate he was, but now he just throws himself about the place and I wouldn't use the word delicate to describe him anymore.
I really love watching him grow and being able to do new things, but I'm saddened by how quickly it's all going by.

He's starting to fit into some of the next size clothes, I love seeing him wearing new things but I can get so emotional when his clothes are too small for him, but surely I'm not the only Mother who does?

If I'm saying all this when he is only 5 months old what on earth am I going to be like when he's all grown up!?

4 days old.

5 months old.

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