Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Amelia who blogs over at ameliaappletree has decided to start a new linky called the Shelfie, this is how she explains it '‘But what is a Shelfie?’ I hear you ask. Allow me to explain. A shelfie is a photograph of things you keep on your shelf. It could be books but it could be games, DVDs, special ornaments or anything else….that can fit on your shelf. I think this is a great way of telling others about yourself.'

I have decided to share Osian's bookshelf. It's my favourite shelf, I find it so cute. There is a mix of new books that I have bought and there's also lots of old handmedown books, which were mostly mine and my sister's old ones.

They are mostly Enlgish books but there's 5 Welsh books on the shelf too. I'm really bad at reading Welsh now, since I haven't spoken/read much Welsh since primary school really, but I try my best to read to Osian in Welsh.

'The Shelfie'

Left side.

Right side.

I just had to buy this book, it just looked so cute! This is one of the Welsh stories.

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