Monday, 10 March 2014

Mobile Madhouse iPod Case Review

I do actually own an iPod touch but ever since having my new phone I haven't really used it. Tara came across it and seems to have claimed it as hers. So when I got the opportunity to review a case from Mobile Madhouse I chose a case for the iPod I thought Tara would like. She isn't a very girly girl and she lets everyone know she hates pink. So I choose a light blue leather effect flip case. I wanted to choose one with a front and back in case she drops the iPod, although I'm probably more likely to drop it than she is!

The case arrived very quickly, the next day in fact. I decided to wait until I'd see Tara later that day to try it out. Her first response was 'Does this mean it's MY iPod now?' But then went on to say how nice it is. I think the case is a lovely colour, and a nice smooth feel to it.

The case was easy to put on, well Tara tried to do it first and kept saying how it doesn't fit, but she hadn't realised there was already a black case on the back, which she was trying to put the case on over!
There is a hole for the camera and for the headphones. The one thing Tara didn't like is the fact that the case needs to be open whilst on charge, but I'd rather that than a big hole in the case that can easily be avoided. Screen protectors also came with the case, which is always an added bonus.

In the words of a 9 year old 'It looks nice and it's fun to play with' meaning she liked to flip the front open and closed.

Mobile Madhouse offer free UK delivery, which is something I always like to see when browsing online.

You can find this case here.

Disclaimer - I was sent this case for the purpose of an honest review, however all words and opinions are mine and Tara's.

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