Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Milestone Baby Cards Review

I do not compare Osian's development to other babies' but I do like to keep track of what he does and when he does it because I think it's nice to know. Baby Milestone cards are a photographic way to document your baby's development. The idea came from a Dutch mother who, when her son rolled over for the first time, wrote on a card with the date and milestone and took a picture with her son and the card. She continued to do this with more new things her son was doing, then decided to turn them into a product for the rest of us parents to enjoy.

The pack contains 30 cards. 16 of the cards are age cards, with weekly cards from 1 week old to 12 weeks old then monthly cards from 4 months old up to 1 year. You simply place the card next to your baby and take a picture. There are 12 event cards which will record when your baby does what, such as 'Today I smiled for the first time' and 'Today I ate solids for the first time', with one card just saying 'Today I' then three blank lines for you to fill in your own. On the event cards there is a space to write the date on.
So you simply write the date on the event cards (or just get the age cards out the packet), place/hold the card next to your baby and snap away. There you go - you have a visual way to document what's happened and you won't have the problem of forgetting the date. If you're as forgetful as me this will be very handy indeed.
There is also a card to say who the set belongs to and you get the choice of either a pink or blue card.

The cards are thick and really good quality and they come in a lovely box. They come in bright colours and are beautifully illustrated. There is an instruction card saying 'How to use your milestone baby cards' containing as a section about how best to take a picture. It gives useful tips such as getting the card and baby the same distance from the lens to get both in focus. Also, it tells you that natural light will produce the best pictures.

Here's Osian with his Today I am 4 months old card.

I really really wish I had these from when Osian was born as I would have loved to have used all the earlier ones. I'm quite disappointed I didn't have them to be honest. I think Milestone Baby Cards would be a perfect gift for an expectant mother and, as baby showers are on the rise in the UK, this would be a lovely gift to take to one. It would also make a gift for new parent or just to buy for yourself to use with your new baby. 

These cards are available to buy from 1 Two Kids for £12.99

- Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the purpose of an honest review, all word, opinions and photos are my own. 

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  1. What a lovely idea, much better than the usual baby book - a really lovely way to record all those special moments! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Great isn't it! Could make your own baby book with all the printed out pictures :)

  2. SUCH a lovely idea, I wish I'd invented those!!

  3. Me too! Plus I wish I'd found them when Osian was newborn :(

  4. Oh this are gorgeous! I wonder if it would be too late to start now!?

  5. I'm definitely going to get these for our next baby. I think they're a great way to document everything as I'm so forgetful haha!

    Emma x