Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bright Blue Eyes

I'm obviously biased but I think Osian has gorgeous eyes. We do receive a lot of comments about his eyes, either from people we know or people who stop to speak to him when we are out and about. He has lovely big bight blue eyes, so I thought I would write this short post to share a few pictures of his gorgeous eyes.

He's often looking around and focusing on different things, I always wonder what he's thinking about when he's staring at the same thing for ages.
Testing out his high chair, it was a handy place for him to sit and play with his toys and I could enjoy a HOT cup of tea!
This was originally the end of my post but I couldn't resist adding one more picture!
This picture was only taken 6 weeks ago, but there is such a difference in him compared to the first two pictures that were taken yesterday. I'm quite shocked at how much he's changed in such a short amount of time!
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  1. Awe, he is gorgeous! I love the baby stage! #ThankfulThursdays

  2. aw bless him they grow us so quick treasure every moment!!

  3. He is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing some lovely pics and linking up with thankful Thursday