Sunday, 23 March 2014

5 months old

5 months!! Where has the time gone!?

I have noticed such a big change in Osian recently. He's so much more aware of things. One day he was staring at the blank TV screen which I play his DVD on asif he was waiting for something to happen.

I mentioned last month about him being able to pick things up and play with them, well his hand coordination seems a lot better now and if you hand him something he takes it from you. Although he would prefer to grab a remote or someones hands to fiddle with, rather than play with any of his toys.

Osian is strong enough to sit on his own for a couple of seconds but he throws himself about so he's still needing support.

The one thing he does not do is stay still! His little arms and legs are always all over the place, I think once he starts being able to move about its going to be hard to get him to sit still.

I think he recognises the people he sees often and seems to study strange faces but will usually let out a smile if they speak to him, little charmer.

As I mentioned in a previous post he finally enjoys the bath. He's got a few different toys he likes to play with,  and sometimes even seems unhappy when it's time to come out! I thought I'd never see the day that would happen.

He's had a horrible cold recently so we've had a few nights with not much sleeping. Apart from that he's usually quite good at sleeping at night (yay!).

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