Thursday, 6 February 2014

Babybeads Brestfeeding Necklace Review

Osian has recently found his fingers. His favourite time to be Mr Fiddle Fingers seems to be whilst he is getting fed! I get scratched, pinched and, if I've forgotten to tie it up, he grabs onto my hair. If I am really unlucky - he pulls!

Therefore, when I kindly got the chance to review a breastfeeding necklace by Babybeads I was so excited. The necklaces are handmade in the UK and are made from non-toxic acrylic beads which are held together by an ultra-strong cord and has been safety tested to EU standards. The necklace is designed to be worn by you whilst you feed your baby. Even though it is called a breastfeeding necklace it can be used whilst bottle or breast feeding. They have a range of boys, girls and unisex necklaces. I chose the 'Little Boy Blue' necklace because I really liked the colours.

The delivery was very fast, I chose the necklace in the afternoon of one day, and I received it in the post the next day. I was very surprised when it came through the front door. When I opened the package my first thought was that it looked really nice! When I looked closely I noticed two of the beads were little elephants, which I loved. The quality of the necklace is great, because of its purpose anything flimsy wouldn't be any good. It's good and strong and you can tell it's made with ultra-strong cord. Also all the beads are nice and smooth.

It wasn't long after the post arrived when Osian wanted to be fed. So I put the necklace on and started to nurse him. However, within minutes Osian was fast asleep so he didn't have a chance to play with the necklace. The next time he was feeding was completely different. This time he was wide awake and very quickly found the necklace and held onto it the whole time. It was so cute to see and great to not be pinched!

When he finished feeding he was still holding onto the necklace and was having a good look at it. So we stayed sitting in the position we had been whilst feeding. I still wore the necklace and let him play with it for a bit. He was fascinated by it and it kept him occupied for quite a while. I was quite surprised at how interested he was. Osian is 15 weeks old and I think he is just the right age for him to try this. If I had tried it any sooner I don't think he would have paid any attention to it.

The necklace came with some information. It says that the necklace is designed to be worn by adults and it is not suitable to be worn by children under 3. Also states that it is not a baby teether.

Overall I think this is a lovely product and I really loved using it, and by the looks of things Osian did to! We will definitely countinue to use this product. I have nothing bad to say about it. As long as you remember to put it on before each feed! However if you are forgetful as me you may find this a difficult task! Ha ha.
The necklace can be purchased here

- Disclaimer - I received this product to write an honest review, all words and opinions are my own, and pictures are either mine or my dad's.  

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  1. Fantastic review Trina :) And i LOVE that necklace its really nice!! xx

  2. What a good idea - I have a very grabby baby, so this would be perfect for him. And it looks so pretty too! Thanks for sharing with #TriedTested

  3. Oh this is so pretty! I need this in my life!
    Thanks for linking up this week

  4. I've never heard of a breastfeeding necklace! Mine isn't grabby... yet! But if he starts I will have to remember this, I'm a bit obsessed with elephants so I love it! #BFingdiaries

  5. That is such a gorgeous necklace. I'm no longer BF'ing but my 10-week-old has a habit of grabbing my hair so I think I'd still find something like this useful! Thanks for sharing! #BFingdiaries

  6. oh lovely! My nursling is a clothes fiddler but always had a necklace with firstborn :) #BFdiaries
    Amy @2boys1mum