Sunday, 2 February 2014

February Photo Challenge

I have decided to take part in a February Photo Challenge. I wish I'd found this yesterday so I wouldn't be starting a day late!

I realise there is not 29 days in February this year, this must have started on a leap year, so I will just go up to day 28.

Day 1, profile picture and 20 facts.

1. His name is Osian Wyn
2. He was born on the 22nd of October 2013
3. At 10.04pm
4. Weighing 7lb 13 1/2oz
5. He's now 3 months and weighs 13lb 14oz
6. He smiles and giggles :)
7. I think he's the only person in the world who likes my singing!
8. He's so strong!
9. He usually sleeps between 6-8 hours solid at night. Which I am very grateful for.
10. He was born with dark hair, half of it has fallen out now.
11. He loves going in the car or for a walk in the pram.
12. He's started babbling.
13. He's quite long, I think he's going to be tall.
14. He loves looking in the mirror.
15. He pulls some funny faces.
16. He still HATES the bath!
17. He loves lying in the play gym and shouting at the toys hanging above him.
18. He likes to hold my finger whilst being fed.
19. He loves attention and usually smiles at anyone who speaks to him when we are out and about.
20. He's absolutely perfect to me!


  1. This is a great challenge, I wish I'd seen it earlier, loved reading your posts x

    1. I'm glad I found it when I did, ahh that's lovely :) thank you x