Friday, 7 February 2014

Family Photo Friday #4

It's Friday again! I don't know where the week has dissappeared to.

The photo I have chosen for this week is Osian with his Great Great Aunty, but we call her Grandma. Although she is my Great Aunt I've grown up always calling her Grandma, which is nice because I sadly never got the chance to meet my actual Nana. So I'm glad to have her sister as a Grandmother figure.

Grandma lives quite close, she's only a 20 minute drive away. Which is really nice since most of my family are a 7 hour drive away, but I do have an Aunty, Uncle and cousins which live a 2 hour drive away to, so that's a bit closer.

We usually go to see her on a Sunday, but I didn't make it last Sunday so on Thursday I took Osian to go on visit her. Whilst I sat enjoying my nice hot tea and biscuits I took this picture of them both looking at eachother. I love how startled Osian looks.
When I showed  my Grandma this picture her reaction was 'look how grey I look!'

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


  1. I think these generational family photos are so important. Cherish these moments for as long as you can.


  2. It looks like a very serious conversation! Thanks for linking up with #familyphotofriday

  3. A beautiful photo and a memory to be treasured. I have a similar photo of my great aunt holding Potato. She died last year and had severe Alzheimer's. On the day we saw her though, she had a rare moment of lucidity and was able to remember his name and enjoy a cuddle. It was very special x

  4. aww I love this photo very early on I put one up on my blog of my son and his grandma sadly she passed away last year but its these sort of memory's that will last forever lovely picture xx

  5. I love pictures of different generations, It is a lovely picture of your little one and Grandma. I have lovely pictures of Baby C with her great-grandparents. They will be lovely to show them when they are older. Plus babies really help keep older people young in my opinion! x

  6. Lovely photo! They grow up so quickly!x