Friday, 28 February 2014

Day 25, 26 ,27 and 28

Wow this month has flown by! I know It's the shortest month but it's gone by so quickly. As it is the last day in February my Photo Challenge is coming to an end.

Day 25 - Stuffed Animal

I love this giraffe, it was a gift when he was newborn and it was nearly as big as him at the time!

Day 26 - Babies food
As I said before on Day 17 which was favourite food, Osian is still exclusively breast fed so I have no pictures for this day.

Day 27 - Favourite Toy

It's hard to tell his favourite toy at the moment because he will happily play with whatever you give him, but I THINK his favourite is the rabbit you can see on his tray he likes to hold onto the cuddly toy part and chew onto the bottom green part at the same time. It will keep him happy for quite a while.

Day 28 - Eyes

I took this picture earlier today and I think it's the best one I have taken that shows his lovely big blue eyes.

That's the end of my February Photo Challenge, I hope you have enjoyed following it.