Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where have the past 12 weeks gone!?

Osian is 12 weeks old today and I'm sat here wondering to myself, 'Where have the past 12 weeks gone!?' it feels like it was just yesterday I was 6 days overdue and very fed up. Everyone has always told me that kids grow up fast, but I honestly had no idea how fast time would actually go by. Especially compared to how much time dragged at the end of my pregnancy. Even though times has flown by it feels like my life has always been this way, and that Osian has always been here.
He's changed so much since he wae born, in his appearance and how he acts. He's already such a charmer, whenever someone stops to speak to him when we are out and about, he'll give them a massive smile. He can pull such funny faces, he's a little character!

Well time flies when you're having fun!

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