Monday, 13 January 2014

We went to a christening

Yesterday I took Osian to my friends daughters christening. I thought it would be best if I sat at the back near the door, incase he started screaming for food and would make a quick exit so we didn't disrupt the whole thing. I also brought along a toy I could try and amuse him with if need be. To my surprise we didn't have to leave, Osian stayed happy through it all. He was just being nosy and smiling away at everyone. Didn't once need to get the toy out.
Also got to stay in the party afterwards for over an hour before he got hungry. Which was great. I was imgaining me being sat in the car feeding him the whole time. 

I decided to dress him in a lovely outfit for he got for Christmas. He had a red and white stripy t-shirt, with a navy blue shirt that has red and white on it and red trousers. 

I felt a bit self conscious wearing a skirt with a blouse tucked in when I left the house because I've got a bit of a belly on me but then I just thought to myself 'Trina you've just had a baby!!' My body/weight doesn't usually bother me at all, it was just today when I was getting dressed that I felt a bit down about it. But by the time I left the house I was completely fine about it, didn't even think about it again until just now.

We had a lovely time and was a nice change.  

My hair really needs dying!

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