Wednesday, 29 January 2014


My new favourite thing to do is to go for a walk. Only on the flat though, I hate hills, which is difficult seeing as I live on a hill and can not go on any route that's completely flat, but I usually go to flattest way I can.
I don't know why I've recently loved going for walks, maybe I just like going out pushing the pram, who knows.
I think it's nice to get some fresh air, for both myself and Osian But I go mostly during the day when it's just me and Osian. But today I went to meet my friend/Osian's aunty (Life As Mum) and went for a nice walk with her and Osian's cousin Elliw, which was lovely.

The bad thing about living in the mountains is we get a lot of rain. There have been plenty of times I've wanted to go for a walk but can't because of the weather, there have also been times when the weather has been okay so got everything ready to go and then the weather's quickly turned to pouring down with rain so ended up having to stay in. I've also stayed in because some days it's been very windy, there's no way I'd have managed to walk in that, let alone push a pram. So when we do get nice days I try and take advantage of them and go out.

Going for a walk also makes sure that Osian gets a nap during the day, since he doesn't nap very well in the house.

Osian all wrapped up for a walk the other day.

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