Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tips for when you've got a newborn

I posted yesterday about life with a newborn, so today I'm posting some tips about looking after yourself while taking care of your new baby. Although your newborn will be your main priority it's important you still look after yourself. 

1. If possible sleep when your baby sleeps! I really struggled to do this but wish I could have slept more during the day. 

2. If number 1 isn't possible because you're like me and can't really sleep during the day, use your time when your baby is asleep to have a nice relaxing bath, take a shower or have a nice warm cup of tea.

3. Go for little walks if possible, the fresh air can be quite refreshing and it is a nice change from being in the house. Also going for a walk will sometimes settle your baby if you're having trouble, the movement of the pram normally helps them fall asleep. 

4. Some days I didn't manage to eat breakfast until late afternoon which is unhealthy so try and have your 3 meals a day at the right times or whatever your normal eating habbits are. Prepared meals can come in very handy, meaning you won't need as much time to eat as you're not having cook.

5. Buy a few new dvds to have on during the day or record some programmes. Unless you enjoy daytime tv.  But if you're like me you wont find much you enjoy watching. 

Hope these few little tips come in handy. 

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