Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nosy Baby

Osian is begining to be quite nosy. If someone new speaks to him if we are in a shop or somewhere he seems to study their face and crack out a smile. He's turning into a little charmer!
Also he seems to take a good look around wherever we are and see's what's going on.
He also loves looking at himself in the mirror and sometimes smiles away at himself.

Osian getting quite nosy seems to sometimes be a problem when trying to feed him, he'll be happily latched on then he hears a voice, whether it be mine or someone in the background or just the TV getting switched on he stops feeding and looks around to see what he's missing out on, meaning feeding takes even longer than it already did. I wouldn't call this part a problem because I find it very cute but even when its quiet and just me and him he sometimes keeps stopping to just look at me and smile then carry on feeding for a second then stop to look again.

Looking at himself on the front camera on my phone.

Anyone else's baby nosy?

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